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Signs God wants you to be with someone


Signs God wants you to be with someone



We all want to be with someone specially ordained by God for us. Reason been that we know with God’s chosen we are sure to have a unique relationship and peaceful union. As a faithful servant of God we expect God to connect us divinely to our partners. But at the point of searching and waiting you wonder how to figure out the right person when you meet him/her. Now you are stalked, and confused. The question now is, are there fingerprints to identify the right one God has destined for you?.

To be with the wrong partner is the worst mistake one can ever make. When you have a failed relationship you get broken emotionally and mentally. It could even ruin your destiny and affect those around. Some persons take the emotional trauma to their next relationship.


The journey of life comes in different phases. Relationship is a phase in life we choose to get involved in, it could be temporal or permanent. Love is a journey. For any journey we choose to embark on in life we must take the right path in order to achieve success and stay happy. Not just for you but also for your partner and the existing relationship to be a source of inspiration to others.

If you are concerned on how to identify the right partner for yourself, below are biblical signs to help you spot your God divine partner.


Biblical signs/guildlines on how to identify the right partner


  1. They speak God’s word

A man who speaks God’s word has Christ in him. Listen to the words of their mouth. Does it reflect Christ? Are their words in line with the word of God? Does he exhibit wordly wisdom or divine wisdom of God? You must check these things properly, but you can only know this if you study the scriptures very well. So if you aren’t familiar with the scriptures then start now it’s not too late.


  1. They don’t lie

God chosen partner won’t be a liar. He won’t send someone to you that lies intentionally. When he gives you something he makes it perfect and unique. God won’t bless you with a partner that lies because lying is of the devil.


  1. He doesn’t corrupt your good character.

The right person will be someone that will make you a better person not who will influence your attitude and personality negatively. God gives his children someone who will compliment them and support them. They won’t corrupt your manners rather they will have a positive impact on you.

The question you should ask yourself and sincerely answer is, does this person help me to grow in Christ or lead me in the wrong path.


4.You feel comfort and peace when that special someone is around

A very good sign that God wants you to be with someone is when you are comfortable and at peace with them. It shows that there is a great bond and God has divinely connected you to your significant other. It is important to choose someone that makes you feel good about yourself, someone you are free with and will give you peace of mind.


  1. The two of you have a strong friendship before the relationship

You must have heard it is good you marry your friend. Any relationship that begins with friendship always turns out successful. If you both have a strong friendship before you started dating then it’s a plus for you.

It is easier to relate with your friend, because you guys already know and understand each other before committing to love one another. If you happen to be in a relationship with your friend you are very lucky your union will be one of a kind.


  1. You know there is true love between you

True love is divine and is for eternity. God loves us genuinely and expect us to love the same way. If you observe there is genuine love in your relationship with this person you have hit the right one. Don’t ruin this beautiful feelings you share because is God’s wish. When there is true love your spirit will tell you and you will feel it too.

True love is healthy, it makes you feel good about yourself, it uplifts your spirit and not bring you down. It’s divine,sincere, faithful, honest, kind, patient and doesn’t criticize. If you both love each other genuinely congratulations to you, you just made the right choice.



  1. Your relationship makes you a better individuals

A good relationship makes you to improve and work on your flaws. You become a better human. The two of you will become better because you complement each other, this is a sign that heaven has brought the right one.  Do not take this for granted.


  1. This person helped you become spiritually mature

Our God wants the best for us and he wants us to come closer to him. He will give you someone who will help you grow spiritually matured. If your partner urges you to seek God first and lead you to embrace Christ then it’s God’s choice for you.


  1. Your traits complement each other

Does your attributes or personality align? Does your positive and negative attributes complement each other? If yes then you are in the right relationship. Don’t push that person away.


  1. The two of you have the same goal: to put God at the center of your lives

Having the same goal as a couple is important especially in the aspect of pleasing God. When you and your partner agree to place God in the center of your relationship and to honor him it’s a sign you are with the right person. This way you are involving God in all that pertains to your Relationship. You also inspire others to build a Goldly relationship.


  1. You can see yourself growing old with this person

Another clear sign God wants you to be with someone is if you envisage yourself being married with kids and getting old together. Sometimes our thoughts is God’s way of revealing things to us.

With this you know your heart accepts this person,but if it’s not the will of God he will definitely reveal it to you.


  1. You share the same ministries

Belonging to the same ministry here means you both reason alike and you wish to settle down together as a couple. You both intend to build a Godly home and live as Goldly couples.


  1. Makes sacrifice

Any relationship that exist without sacrifices is unhealthy. A clear sign this person is God’s divine arrangement is if your partner makes sacrifices for the growth of your relationship. You are not doing the work alone but you two are involved.


  1. Has a forgiven spirit

Forgiveness is a virtue to posses and as Christains we should learn to forgive. If your partner forgives you that shows he/she has christlike attitude, but if not you have to give that relationship a second thought.


  1. He practices what he speaks

A true Christain is one who practice what he says. If they are the type that would say “Do what I say but don’t do what I do” then the person is fake.


  1. Goodness

Is this person good? Is he/she nice to you and others? If yes keep pushing don’t let go. It is awesome to find someone that is good, you can make each other happy.


  1. Faith:

We all want someone that we can share a lifetime with, a faithful partner not the one that galavants. If your partner is faithful and sincere it’s a plus for you.


  1. Your Partner is rich in Christ-like qualities

Does your partner posses christlike attributes? If your answer is yes, it’s obvious God is leading you to the right person. Before you begin any relationship or you intend to take that relationship to the next level make sure he has the fear of God.

If you are a true Christain and he is not, don’t try to be in that relationship, because it will ruin you.


  1. The person is the answer to your prayers

Does this person fits into your list? Do you see this person as the answer to your prayers. If it’s a yes then it is definitely God’s perfect Choice.


  1. The people around you are in support of your union

One good sign to ascertain if is God’s choice is having people’s approval concerning your relationship. If your family and friends supports your union you are good to go. “Like they say the voice of men is the voice of God”.


Having God’s choice of a partner gives you peace. Knowing that the person you are with was sent to you by God gives you confidence and eliminates fear of unknown. With this person you are sure to have a peaceful and blissful union.


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